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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us:

- Dean, Bloomington, IL
"Thank you for an outstanding installation; your crew was 'Awesome!'"
- Karen, Peoria Heights, IL
"Tom (ATC Salesman) is a definite asset to your sales team. He is very caring, honest and always available for any of my questions."
- Allison, Roanoke, IL
"The ATC Insulators crew was very courteous, fast and efficient. They went above and beyond to ensure we were satisfied. We instantly noticed a difference in the temperature between before and after the insulation was sprayed. We would recommend Jim and his crew to anyone."
- Karla, Washington, IL
"The crew members were very respectful, polite, information and careful in my home. Tom was very well informed and thoroughly explained everything. I am very pleased with the service I received."
- Jason, Peoria, IL
"Salesman Tom Newton was great to work with. The Icynene foam seems to be great product. Our crawlspace is much warmer, which helps maintain the temps in the rest of the house. The installation crew was knowledgeable, courteous, and cleaned up well after the installation. Thank you so much!"
- Andy, Granville, IL
"Korey & Brian A+++++++ (ATC Insulation Installers) Great guys, very conscious about their work and my property."
- Robert & Rose, Chillicothe, IL
"Thanks Jim. The root cellar now has a dry more even temperature thanks to the foam. Great guys and great job."
- Brett & Jamie, Washington, IL
"Very pleased with everyone I had contact with from ATC Insulators. The estimator was very informative and professional; the crew was polite and professional and went above and beyond work agreed upon with the estimator. I was always able to contact the office or estimator with any questions and received answers to any questions I had. They are a great company that does a great job in a professional manner."
- Seth, Chillicothe, IL
"Great work! We were very satisfied with your service! Thank you so much!"
- Art, Bloomington, IL
"I would like to say that I was pleased with the insulating crew members manners, answers to my questions, efficiency and professionalism. They did a nice job of cleaning up after themselves as well. Their experience and safe performance are noteworthy. I would readily recommend ATC Insulators to anyone considering installation or adding insulation to their property."
-Lucas, Easton, IL
"Very impressed with you guys! Cannot wait for my next opportunity to use you guys. Thanks for a
great job."
- Art & Sheila, East Peroria, IL
"Our salesman Mr. Newton was very knowledgeable and informative. Your insulation crew members were very mannerly, answered my question well, and were efficient and professional in their work. They did a nice job of cleaning up after themselves as well. Their experience and safe performance are noteworthy."
- Regg & Barbara, Dunlap, IL
"The team did great job, going above and beyond the job to solve our insulation problems. We have more issues to resolve, so we will back in the future."
- Bob, Bellevue, IL
"I've known of you guys; hired you for your crew. Korey took the time to answer all of my questions. Did an excellent job cleaning the job site. Very happy with the job. Looking forward to seeing how efficient this home will be."
Peoria County zoning inspectors were absolutely hands down AMAZED with the quality and overall performance of the insulation. I am so happy with the decision we made to Insulate using ATC and the Icynene System, words cannot express. Thank you again and as soon as my house is done, I want my garage sprayed as well.”
– Mike L Hanna City
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